Thursday, September 4, 2008

Storytelling Organizations

The relationship between linear narratives with their Beginning, Middle, and End (BME) form are only part of what makes a STORYTELLING ORGANIZATION.  The BME narratives tend to focus on the past, in a backward look. Opposing BME narratives are what we call "living stories" and "antenarratives." 

A living story is part of a web of stories.  Living stories are not a performance for an audience. Living stories are what we live, how our story interplays with other's living stories. 

An antenarrative is a double meaning. "Ante" is a 'before' a before narrative wholeness, and all that BME linearity.  And "ante" is a 'bet.' Its a bet that before there is narrative, in all their static, petrified presence, there is a swarm of antenarratives, that look forward, making prospective sense.

Storytelling Organizations are many types of sensemaking currencies.  Certainly there are people who use BME narratives, taking their cue from Aristotle who thought the narrative should be whole, and have BME. Then there is the living story web that is sensemaking in the Now and Here. 

The antenarratives are self-organizing, moving from context to context, but unlike the BME narrative, leaving bits off, forgetting to take bits to the next telling, and picking up bits from each context.  So antenarratives are quite dynamic.

The three kinds of storytelling make up the dynamics of the Storytelling Organizations.

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